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golden Mesopotamian Greek tortoise hatchling

Just hatched Mesopotamian Greek tortoise. Notice the sharp, pointy egg tooth under his nose. Baby tortoises use this little beak projection to jab and tear a hole in the egg to start the hatching process. This is called pipping. The egg tooth will later wear down or drop off.

Updates 2008-2018 celebtrated its 10th anniversary online in 2018. :O)


Apr - Jun 2018

- Deleted 3 Burmese star photo pages
- Deleted 3 Indian star photo pages
- Deleted links page
- Deleted all blog pages (5)
- Added a new page - golden Greek personality

Jan - Mar 2018

- None


Oct - Dec 2017

- Text & photo edits: outdoor pens
- Small edits: outdoor houses, angulate incubation

Apr - Jun 2017

- Minor edits: star tortoise shell patterns, golden Greek profile

Jan - Mar 2017

- Time again to reduce the bulkiness of this website.
- Deleted both guest books
- Deleted 4 pages of angulate photos
- Deleted the star tortoise gifts page and moved most of the content to the blog p.1.
- Deleted 2 star tortoise collectibles pages and combined most of the content into the blog p. 5.
- Deleted 2 pages of others' indoor setups along with several photos and combined the rest into two pages: other keeper's tables and other keepers' vivariums.
- Deleted 3 pages of others' outdoor setups along with some photos and combined the rest into one page: other keepers' pens.
- Moved angulate hatchling housing info from hatchling pages to the care page
- Small updates: UVB lighting, star hatchlings
- Minor edits: incubators, star tortoise egg incubation, star tortoise breeding, Burmese star hatchlings, angulate hatchlings


Oct - Dec 2016

- New blog entry: modular outdoor night protection cages / enclosure covers against predators, ready made & super easy to put together

Jul - Sep 2016

- Minor edits: Indian vs Burmese, male vs female stars, golden Greek incubation, golden Greek hatchlings, incubators, angulate incubation, male vs female Greeks, star incubation

Apr - Jun 2016

- Split the very long indoor housing page into two pages, tables & tubs and vivariums
- New blog entry: "fabric" pots for growing tortoise food
- Minor edits: angulate hatchlings p1, angulate hatchlings p2, golden care

Jan - Mar 2016

- This website had ballooned up too much, to almost 140 pages. DELETED the following 48 PAGES: box turtles, box turtle photos, Florida vs ornate box turtles, popular tortoises, Hermann's tortoise, leopard tortoise, leopard tortoise photos, a day in the life of a star tortoise, redfoot tortoise, redfoot tortoise photos, rescue, Russian tortoise, sulcata tortoise, sulcata photos, general tortoise caresheet, radiated tortoise, other star patterned chelonians, getting a tortoise, 18 Indian star photo pages, 4 Burmese star photo pages, 4 gallery main pages, housing examples, substrates & allergics, indoor hides, kids' page
- Minor edits: male vs female stars, angulate nesting p.2, diet, outdoor pens, indoor housing, substrates, heating, incubators
- New blog entry: Animal House modular caging system for outdoors


Oct - Dec 2015

- Minor edits - bowls & dishes, outdoor houses

Jul - Sep 2015

- Minor edits - bowls & dishes, UVB & UVI readings, outdoor houses, outdoor pens, indoor housing, UVB lighting, personality, housing & allergics, indoor hides, substrates p1, substrates p2

Apr - Jun 2015

- Minor edits - lighting, outdoor pens, UV readings

Jan - Mar 2015

- Added another golden Greek photo page
- Added info about a new food product on the prepared diets page
- Added a second angulate nesting & egg laying page with egg statistics and a sequence photos of the nesting process
- Organized the golden Greek photo pages into an album, added a few pics to the existing pages, and created two new photo pages
- Minor edits - outdoor pens, UV readings, angulate incubation, substrates in detail, supplements, outdoor houses, angulate male vs female, star incubation


Oct - Dec 2014

- Added a new Burmese star book on the books page
- Minor edits - UVB readings, pattern development, Indian vs Burmese, Burmese star, home page

Jul - Sep 2014

- Added a new indoor tortoise pen example page
- Added more photos of angulate hatchlings
- Minor edits - outdoor pens, Golden care, outdoor hides & houses, lighting, heating, incubators

Apr - Jun 2014

- Removed house sections from the very long outdoor housing page (now pens) and moved them to a new page - outdoor hides & heated houses
- Updated the lighting page with info on the new ZM reptile LED UVB terrarium hoods
- Split the golden Greek tortoise photo page into two pages
- Minor edits - bowls & dishes, golden care, angulate books

Jan - Mar 2014

- Split the long star tortoise collectibles page into two pages
- Split the long angulate tortoise eggs & incubation page into four shorter pages - nesting, incubation, egg development, and hatchlings
- Split the golden Greek tortoise egg development & candling photo page into two separate pages
- Minor edits - golden Greek care, bowls & dishes, outdoor housing


Oct - Dec 2013

- Minor edits - prepared foods, bowls & dishes, substrates & allergics, Greek books, star tortoise incubation, golden Greek care, supplements

Jul - Aug 2013

- Updated this 2008 website to a new, a bit wider page design
- Minor edits - on many pages

Apr - Jun 2013

- Split the golden Greek tortoise nesting page into 2 pages
- Added a new page - golden Greek male vs female
- Added a new page - golden Greek leg spurs
- Minor edits - heating, books

Jan - Mar 2013

- Split the golden Greek tortoise profile page into 2 pages - profile and captive care
- Split the golden Greek tortoise nesting page into 3 separate pages - nesting, egg development, and hatchlings
- Added a new housing example page - a star tortoise vivarium
- Split the very long indoor lighting & heating page into two separate pages for easier reading - lighting and heating
- Split the long eggs & incubation page into two pages - eggs & incubation (technique) and eggs & incubators (equipment)
- Split the diet page into three separate pages - natural foods, prepared foods, and supplements
- Minor edits - housing, pattern development, incubators, personality, housing outdoors


Jul - Dec 2012

- Added a new 2012 redfoot book
- Added another page of Burmese star photos (UK)
- Added a new page of Burmese star photos - adults and hatchlings (USA)
- Added two new photo pages - hatching G. elegans babies and an example of an indoor/outdoor G. elegans tortoise pen (UK)
- Minor edits - male vs female, misc. care tips, star gifts, incubation, indoor housing, bowls & dishes, lighting & heating

Jan - Jun 2012

- Added a new page - another tortoise table example
- Minor edits - diet, indoor housing, lighting & heating, substrates, substrates & allergics, angulate courtship, angulate nesting, incubation, caresheet, hideboxes


Oct - Dec 2011

- Added a new photo page - the amazing acrobatic star
- Added a new page - outdoor stone pen w. a heated house
- Updated the left menu bar
- Split the diet page to foods and prepared foods
- Split the Indian / Sri Lankan & Burmese breeding page to breeding and eggs & incubation pages
- Split the angulate breeding page to breeding and eggs & incubation pages
- Minor edits - notes on commercial foods, substrates & allergics, lighting & heating, diet, incubation, pyramiding, hideboxes, indoor housing, outdoor housing, starred chelonians, bowls & dishes

Jul - Sep 2011

- Added new Indian star tortoise photos (p.20)
- Minor edits - star tortoise gifts, diet, outdoor housing, indoor housing, male vs female G. elegans, breeding stars, substrates, allergic keepers p.1 (more on substrates)

Jun 2011

- Added 2 new photos on the pattern development page
- Added photos of a ready-made enclosure to the tortoise tables page
- Added two more Indian star tortoise photo pages
- Minor edits - turtle rescue, Star tortoise breeding & incubation

May 2011

- Added a new Indian star tortoise (Geochelone elegans) photo page
- Minor edits - breeding G. elegans, star gifts, indoor housing, outdoor housing, lighting & heating

Apr 2011

- Moved all the links from seven pages (Indian/Sri Lankan star, Burmese Star, allergy, diet, housing, angulate, fecal exams) onto a links page
- Minor edits - male vs female star tortoises, outdoor housing

Mar 2011

- Added a new angulate tortoise breeding page with courtship photos
- Reorganized the navigation
- Added a new Indian star tortoise photo page
- Added a new angulate tortoise photo page
- Split the angulate tortoise sexing info to its own page
- Minor edits - star tortoise breeding & incubation, lighting & heating, care tips, personality

Feb 2011

- Added a new upcoming turtle & tortoise vet book
- Added a new 2011 book on angulate books page
- Minor edits - lighting & heating, G. elegans profile, hideboxes, G. platynota links, star tortoise breeding & incubation


- no record of updates kept


- no record of updates kept


- created this website
- no record of updates kept

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