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Breeding Angulate Tortoises

Sexual maturity

In captivity, angulate / angulated / bowsprit tortoise (Chersina angulata) females reach reproductive maturity at about 7-8 years of age or even younger. Males tend to mature a faster. See the angulate male vs female page for info and photos on how to differentiate the sexes.

Breeding groups

The angulate tortoise is also known as the "fighting tortoise." Male angulate tortoises cannot be kept together in small enclosures because they will encage in vigorous combats trying to overturn each other.

A male and a female can maybe kept as a pair, but be prepared to separate them if the male becomes too amorous. Placing one male in a small group of females works better. Males can also be put up in single enclosures and only placed with females during mating season. Females can be housed together in groups in large enclosures.

angulate tortoise

Mature male angulates have long gular scutes (throat shields). That's what gives this species the common name bowsprit. You can also see his beautiful plastron pattern and coloring.

angulate tortoise pair

Lovey-dovey angulate tortoise pair in their outdoor enclosure. All about birds and bees... and torts.

angulate tortoise hatchling

Result = a love child. :O)


Courtship is the typical love story: boy sees girl, boy likes girl, girl plays hard to get, but finally it's all about birds and bees. :0)

The male angulate tortoise starts the courtship by sniffing the female. Then, the chase is on! The male will try to catch up with the female and run to her side. He will make close facial contact with her while opening his mouth. Wooing continues until the female agrees or runs away. During mating, the male emits quiet chirping or peeping noises. He sounds like a little squeaky toy.

angulate / bowsprit tortoise male

Angulate tortoise male chirping like a bird or a squeaky toy showing his beautiful belly pattern.

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