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Alert on Scammers

Be cautious!

It has come to my attention that some SCAMMERS have used my website URL and / or text and photos plagiarized from my website in their fraudulent tortoise sales ads. These FALSIFIED ADS and web pages have been posted in several different locations on the web.

When contacted through one such ad, the scammer FALSELY claimed to be a family member of mine and selling tortoises for me because I was supposedly too busy.

In another case, a potential tortoise adopter showed photos from my website, with my URL watermark on them, as their own. This caused the tortoise's original owner to think that I was adopting the tortoise. When in fact, I knew nothing about it.

People have also copied content from my website, in some cases word by word, and pasted it on their own website. Without permission of course. I am the original creator of all the content on this website and I don't post it anywhere else.

If anyone claims to be in any way associated with me or my website in connection of selling, buying, or adopting tortoises, he / she is a scammer. If you find such an ad or notice, please forward it to me. Thank you.

Many scammers also use "spoofed emails" that look like they come from a certain person, when they actually don't. In other words, the sender address is forged.

The world wide web is full of con men and women. Be cautious!

Note: I currently have NO tortoises for sale or for adoption. NOR am I looking to purchase or adopt any.

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