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Burmese star tortoise - Geochelone platynota

A beautiful Burmese Star tortoise. It is a critically endangered species due to habitat loss and illegal collecting in the wild.

Consider a rescue

If you are looking for a pet tortoise, always buy a captive-bred one, or better yet, adopt a rescue tortoise. You can make a difference. One tortoise at a time! :O)

These links are NOT intended as an endorsement. I am not personally familiar with these rescue groups. As always, do check out the group or person before conducting any business with them.

Turtle & tortoise rescues - USA


AL - Alabama

AR - Arkansas

AZ - Arizona

CA - California

CO - Colorado

FL - Florida

ID - Idaho

IN - Indiana

ME - Maine

MD - Maryland

MI - Michigan

NV - Nevada

NM - New Mexico

NY - New York

OH - Ohio

OR - Oregon

PA - Pennsylvania

TX - Texas

VA - Virginia

Other rescue links

Turtle & tortoise rescues - Other countries



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