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Popular Tortoises: Sulcata

- Centrochelys (Geochelone) sulcata -


photo by Shelley Griffith (mf)

Brief intro


leopard and african spurred tortoise

Leopard and African Spurred Tortoise: Stigmochelys pardalis and Centrochelys sulcata

  • by Holge Vetter
  • Edition Chimaira, Dec 2005
  • ISBN-10: 389973601X
  • ISBN-13: 978-3899736014

Sulcatas: African Spurred Tortoises in Captivity

  • Professional Breeders Series
  • by Rurr Gurley
  • Eco Herpetological Publishing & Distribution, Sep 2005
  • ISBN-10: 0976733420
  • ISBN-13: 978-0976733423
sulcata and leopard

Sulcata and Leopard Tortoises

  • Complete Herp Care
  • by E. J. Pirog
  • TFH Publications, Sep 2008
  • ISBN-10: 0793828988
  • ISBN-13: 978-0793828982

Adopt a rescue

Tortoise rescue groups in some areas are becoming overwhelmed by the large numbers of donated (abandoned) Sulcatas. If you really want a Sulcata, consider adopting a rescue tortoise in need of a new, for-ever home. See the rescue page for more rescue links.


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