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Indian / Sri Lankan Star Tortoise Photos

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indian star tortoise

Newport Aquarium, Kentucky. Photo by DDFic (cc).

star tortoise walking

Taronga Zoo. Photo by We She Me (cc) pwp.

star tortoise

Photo by Kuribo (cc).

sri lankan star tortoise

Dec 16, 2008. The pet tortoise we have is about 12 pounds in weight. It could be more - I do not have a spring balance to weigh this animal with accuracy. It is restricted to our small garden and is fed daily on legumes, leafy vegetables and boiled rice. We had this tortoise as a very small animal about 30 years ago. It is quite tame and approaches humans for food. Nocturnal predators like civet cats abound in this area but this tortoise is too large and heavy for them. I have attached a photo.

Photo and text by R. Chandrasoma, Sri Lanka.

30 yr old sri lankan star

30-year-old tortoise in Sri Lanka. Photos by R. Chandrasoma.

babies warming up

Bannerghatta Biological Park, India. Photo by mynameisharsha (cc).

geochelone elegans

Columbus Zoo. Photo by her wings (cc by 2.0).

indian star tortoise

Photo courtesy of Rishabh Aigal.

indian star tortoise

Photo courtesy of Rishabh Aigal.

star tortoise

Photo courtesy of Megan Hsieh.

geochelone elegans trying to escape

Generally, Indian Star tortoises are not superior climbers, but this little guy is amazingly agile. :O) A good reminder for us not to put any tortoise furniture or plants near the enclosure walls. Photo courtesy of Devin Louis.

climbing geochelone elegans

Photo courtesy of Devin Louis.

food fight

Photo by ReefRaff (cc).

indian star tortoises

At a Zoo. Photo by Poorna Kedar, India (cc by 2.0).

Sri Lankan Star tortoise


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