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Indian / Sri Lankan Star Tortoise Photos

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star baby

Photo by cumire ©. The Marizka, Indonesia.

Geochelone elegans

Photo courtesy of Luke Chua.

Geochelone elegans

Photo courtesy of Luke Chua.

baby star tortoises

Lola and Lily. Photo by Faizal Rahman (cc) pwp.

star tortoise in india

Hotel tortoise in India. Photo by Enchant me (cc).

indian star tortoises

Photo by grande illusion (cc).

star tortoise in taronga zoo

Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo by red_tzar (cc).

indian star tortoise in denver zoo

Denver Zoo. Photo by templarion (cc) pwp.

stars in australia

Taronga Zoo, Australia. Photo by sridgway (cc).

star tortoise

Sydney, Australia. Photo by tharpo (cc).

star tortoises in wildlife world zoo

Wildlife World Zoo, Arizona. Photo by Jo Naylor (cc) pwp.

pugee the star tortoise

Photo by Himadhu (cc) pwp.

shy star tortoise

Museum of the Rockies, MT. Photo by mrmoorey (cc).

geochelone elegans

Star tortoise in Japan. Photo by tanigami (cc by-nd 2.0).

melbourne zoo

Melbourne Zoo. Photo by zayzayem (cc).


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