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custom build wooden tortoise table, substrate to be added

Note: This tortoise table was brand new when the photos were taken and had not been filled with the proper substrate yet.

What's a tortoise table?

A typical tortoise table is a simple, self-built, rectangular wooden box. Tortoise tables are easy to construct in any shape and size to fit the tortoise's size and available space. These open topped boxes can either be placed on top of large tables or they can have built-in legs. Most tortoise tables have solid walls all around, but the fancier ones are fitted with see through front walls. Top can also be partially or fully covered (becomes a vivarium) to retain more humidity. For more info on indoor housing, see the tubs & tables and vivariums pages.

One level tortoise tables

a.) Brown tortoise table

custom built tortoise table with storate, substrate to be added

This tortoise table is 8ft x 2ft. Storage cabinets and two pull out tables are located under the enclosure. Photos courtesy of Amit Mehta.

wooden tortoise table, substrate to be added

A mercury vapor bulb (MVB) and a linear fluorescent UVB bulb illuminate the enclosure. Instead of hanging the UVB tube from the side wall, it could be installed in a strip light fixture to direct the light into the enclosure and away from people's and tortoise's eyes.

wooden tortoise table, substrate to be added

The green wall accentuates the dark wood.

b.) Light colored tortoise table

wooden tortoise table

Wooden tortoise table with viewing windows in the front. The top can be covered or uncovered depending on how much humidity is needed. This table was designed, built and photographed by Thomas Meyen.

tortoise table

Lots of plants for privacy and security.

tortoise table plans

Plans for the medium sized table that can be made to a full 3x6 with the listed materials. All the acrylic was from 30"x36" sheets. For the full size plan photo, click here.

c.) Green tortoise table

tortoise table

This 6ft x 3ft tortoise table with many windows was built by Jared.

tortoise table

The inhabitants.

tortoise table plans

Tortoise table photos and plans courtesy of Jared Gauthier. Click here for a larger diagram.

Two level tortoise table

tortoise table

This two level tortoise table has two built-in hide areas on the lower level and two changeable plant boxes on the main level. Two separate, substrate free feeding areas prevent accidental ingestion of substrate with food. Photos and plans courtesy of Philip Chan.

Buy the plant tubs first and then build the table based on the tub dimensions. This table can be build larger by adding more tubs. These removable plant tubs are great if you like to grow edible plants and flowers in your tortoise table. Plant multiple tubs with vegetation and just switch between them as needed, i.e., when eaten. :O)

tortoise table

Two substrate free feeding areas and two plant tubs with water dishes.

tortoise table

The two removable feeding platforms form the roofs of the downstairs hiding areas.

tortoise table plans

Tortoise table photos and plans courtesy of Philip Chan. Click here for a larger diagram.

Note: Star tortoises love warmth and basking. Their indoor enclosures should include heating, basking, and UVB lighting fixtures (not shown), unless your tortoise spends most of his time outdoors in the natural sunshine. See the lighting and heating pages.

Ready made tortoise table x2

zoo med tortoise table

You can also buy a ready made tortoise table, for example, the Zoo Med Tortoise House. Two of these enclosures can be joined together by removing the end boards. This doubles the enclosure size. Each Tortoise House is 36" x 24" (12" high), so joining two together creates a 72" x 24" (6ft x 2ft) tortoise table.

This table is usually available both on amazontortoise table and eBay (direct links to tables)tortoise table. Photos courtesy of Trixi Skinner.

tortoise table

Each Zoo Med Tortoise House has a built-in hiding area. The front panel to the hide can be removed to make the table roomier inside.


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