Angulate Tortoises

World Climate Map

world climate zones map

Map created by Waitak at en.wikipedia. Later version by Splette at en.wikipedia.This file is licensed under the Creative Commons license 3.0.


Mediterranean Climate Map

mediterranean climate map

Map created by Diotime at wikipedia. Edited by Diotime, Gibraltarian, Mttll. This work has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder. This applies worldwide.


Mediterranean Climate

"Found on five continents, the mediterranean biome includes the Mediterranean Basin, the western United States (California) and Mexico (northwest Baja), central Chile, the cape region of South Africa, and south and southwestern Australia. These five areas cover just 2% of the Earth's land area, but support 20% of the Earth's known vascular plant diversity. ...

The mediterranean biome is a global conservation priority owing to high plant species diversity and density that rivals that of tropical rainforests. The biome's mild climate and proximity to the ocean also makes it attractive to humans, resulting in disproportionately high conversion for agriculture, development, and other human uses. ...

The mediterranean biome's extraordinary plant diversity and endemism are a result of the evolutionary processes induced by the characteristically unique annual cycles of extended summer drought and cool wet winter, high topographic variation, and low soil fertility."

Excerpts from: PLoS One. Climate Change, Habitat Loss, Protected Areas and the Climate Adaptation Potential of Species in Mediterranean Ecosystems Worldwide, by Kirk R. Klausmeyer and M. Rebecca Shaw. PLoS One. 2009; 4(7): e6392.


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