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Golden Greek Tortoises

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Golden Greek tortoise eggs

A clutch of four 12-13 g Golden Greek (Testudo graeca terrestris) eggs

Indoor nesting photos

Golden Greek tortoise laying an egg

Here's another Golden Greek (Testudo graeca terrestris) indoor egg laying sequence. The tip of the egg is peeking. Substrate is a mixture of organic garden soil and coconut coir. The substrate should be deep, tightly compacted, and slightly damp so that it will keep the shape of the nest hole.

Golden Greek tortoise laying en egg

Egg's coming!

Golden Greek tortoise has just laid an egg

There's the first one!

Outdoor nesting photos

mama Golden Greek tortoise digging a nest

Mama Golden Greek tortoise (Testudo graeca terrestris) digging her nest outdoors. She's a wild caught foundation animal.

mama Golden Greek tortoise leaving her covered nest

Mama Golden Greek leaving the nest she has just finished covering. The nest site is camouflaged very well. If I didn't know where it was, I wouldn't find it.

Golden Greek tortoise nest

Opening the nest. Top of the egg is already visible.

freshly laid Golden Greek tortoise egg

She laid only one egg that weighed 13g.

Golden Greek tortoise nesting

This nesting Golden Greek was bred, hatched, and raised by me (F1). Her first baby was my first F2 offspring from Goldens.

1 day old Golden Greek tortoise hatchling

Here he is! My first Golden Greek F2 from the nesting above. Mama laid 5 eggs, but only this one was fertile. He's my first Golden great-grandchild. Kinda :O) He's one day old in this photo and weighs only 6 g. He's tiny, but spunky. A beauty, too. Love him!

Greek tortoise nesting

This more beige colored Golden Greek mama is another one hatched and raised by me (F1). Her babies are also F2.


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