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Golden Greek Tortoises

- hatchlings -

Golden Greek tortoise hatchling

A brand new Golden Greek tortoise (Testudo graeca terrestris) baby. Still a bit shy, but in a few weeks she will be quite used to me. :O)

About to hatch

Golden Greek tortoise, Testudo graeca, egg

This photo shows well the scratch marks made by the hatchling in his effort to break the egg open.

Golden Greek tortoise egg, pipped

This Golden egg has pipped. Notice the small opening.

Golden Greek hatchling breaking the egg to hatch

He has worked hard to made the hole larger.

Golden Greek tortoise hatching


hatching Golden Greek tortoise

Another baby almost out of the egg.

Golden Greek tortoise almost out of the egg

This baby was positioned sideways inside the egg and was very rolled up due to the narrow space.

Just hatched

just hatched Golden Greek tortoise

Photo taken a few seconds after he climbed out of the egg.

Golden Greek tortoise (Testudo graeca terrestris) just hatched

About 1 minute old. 13 grams. Just look at that cute face. :O)

Golden Greek tortoise baby

Yellow belly baby with few dark markings,

Golden Greek tortoise just out of the egg

This baby is only a few seconds old and still all curled up. His belly button really looks like a button. :O)

just hatched Golden Greek tortoise baby

More orangy baby that hatched with a larger residual yolk sac than most of my Greeks. The belly button opening will be healed and closed in a few days.


twin Golden Greeks, Testudo graeca terrestris

Twin hatchlings. The small sibling had passed away by hatching, so I tied a piece of dental floss on the umbilicus to separate them. Some hours later I snipped it and freed the survivor without problems. He was vigorous but small weighing only 6 g. His umbilicus dried up in a few days and the dental floss knot fell off.

Note: If both had been alive, I would have tied the umbilicus in two spots and then cut in-between the knots after the blood flow had tapered off.


Golden Greek tortoise

Golden Greek tortoise baby.

Golden Greek tortoise

Same tortoise as above. Look at those cute black spots she has developed with age. Love them!


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