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Star Tortoise Collectibles

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star tortoise figurines

Small part of my tortoise figurine collection.

My collection

I collect tortoise statues, figurines, and other tortoise items. Here are some Star tortoises from my collection. Best of all, they are easy to care for and they are completely allergen free! :O)

indian star tortoise paper weight

Lovely Indian Star tortoise figurine / paper weightpic by Royal Crown Derby.

baby star tortoise geochelone elegans

Baby Indian Star tortoise replica. If you'd like to get one of your own, you can find replicas of several tortoise species herepic (stock varies).

star patterned tortoise dish with a lid

Fitz & Floyd Star tortoise patterned ceramic dish with a lid.

star tortoise plush toy

Star tortoise plush toy. This cute Star tortoise stuffed toy is made of super soft material. It doubles as a hand puppet. :O)

star tortoise figurine

Charming little tortoise figurine. If in stock, you can get your own here

star tortoise trinket box

Sparkly Star tortoise trinket box.

star tortoise figurine

Star tortoise figurine.

star tortoise trinket box

Enamel and crystal Star tortoise trinket / jewelry box by Keren Kopal.

star tortoise figurine

Plastic star tortoise replica.

star / radiated tortoise figurine

Star / Radiated tortoise figurine.

star tortois statue

Indian Star tortoise statue.

star tortoise figurines

Ceramic Mama Star tortoise with her babies. Babies are salt and pepper shakers. Made in Japan.

star / radiated tortoise figurine

Plastic Star / Radiated tortoise figurine.

star tortoise trinket / jewelry box

Enamel and crystal Star tortoise trinket / jewelry box by Keren Kopal.

fossil stone tortoise figurine

This tortoise figurine carved out of a fossil stone has a very neat star / flower pattern.

enamel and crystal tortoise brooch

Enamel and crystal Star tortoise brooch / pin.

star tortoise 3-d puzzle

Star tortoise 3-D puzzle made of 24 pieces.

indian star tortoise bubble maker

Star tortoise figurine with a moving head. It's actually a fish tank bubbler.

star tortoise toy

Star tortoise replica toy made of soft plastic.

ceramic tortoise figurines with star pattern

Hand painted, star patterned ceramic tortoise figurines.

star tortoise book cover

This is a kids' book, but the cover illustration is so lovely. I had to buy it! :O)

star tortoise - part of tortoise poster

Close up photo I took of the charming Indian Star tortoise on my turtle & tortoise poster. If you'd like to get your own, you can buy the poster here (availability varies).

geochelone elegans postage stamp

One of my Star tortoise postage stamps

indian star tortoise magnet by Roger Hall

Indian Star tortoise fridge magnet by Roger Hall.


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