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modular night time protection cage for tortoises

Night time protection cage for Greek tortoises. During the day, the front gate is left open for free access to the full enclosure.

Update: For more photos of this cage, see blog page 4.

New Animal House modular cages

Mar 2016

The Lucky Dog "Animal House" series is a new 2015 modular caging system by Jewett-Cameron. These sets make great predator proof outdoor cages for small tortoises.

The welded steel frame Animal House panels come in two strengths, standard duty and heavy duty. The difference is in the size of the panel mesh openings, 2”x2” vs 3”x3/4”, and the price. The wall / ceiling / floor panels are available in 30"x30" and 60"x30" sizes. Triangular gable roof panels are also available.

All panel components are modular and can be attached in any configuration to create cages in almost any size and shape. These cages can be built as low as 30" in height, which is great for tortoises, or as high as needed for walk in cages. Opening panel doors can be placed anywhere on the sides or on the top. Doors are sold in same two sizes as the panels themselves.

As of March 2016, Amazon has over a dozen different Animal House kitsfor sale with free shipping! For example, the standard duty 120" x 60" x 30" high kit (model AH 51204) shown below would make a great outdoor night security cage for small tortoises. You may need to buy extra door panels though depending on where you want them.

Since the mesh openings are quite large, you might want to further rat and mouse proof the pen by adding steel hardware cloth over the panels. The 1/4” (openings) hardware cloth mesh is easy to work with. It's much more flexible and easier to cut into size than the thicker 1/2" hardware cloth.

For outdoor tortoise housing info, see the outdoor pens page.

Jewett-Cameron Animal House modular cage kit

This Animal House standard duty kit AH 51204 is available here, and the heavy duty kit AH 71404 in the same size here. I would add a side door to allow tortoises to enter a larger yard during the day. I would also put another top gate (opening lid) at the other end for easier access to the tortoises. With additional panels, the pen could be made as long as needed. Photo credit Amazon.

Animal House modular cage

Here's an example how the 120" x 60" x 30" H pen could be used for tortoises. This basic pen can be easily enlarged by adding additional panels. Photo credit Jewett-Cameron.

Just replace the chicken coop with a heated tortoise night house to create a secure outdoor night area. The small side door (on left, near the house) can be kept open during the day to allow tortoises to enter a larger outdoor area.

Components used for this 3 door cage are 7x AH 36030 60X30 panels, 1x AH 36031 60X30 gate (top), 2x AH 33030 30X30 panels, 2x AH 33031 30X30 gates (top & side), 32x AH 32020 panel clamps, 24x AH 30000 panel caps, 4x AH 30003 gate stop/anchor bracket.


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