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Angulate Tortoise Photos

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bowsprit tortoise

Some Angulate tortoises are very colorful while others are more plain and brownish colored. Photo by skilpad.

chersina angulata

 Angulate tortoises have lovely eyes. Photo by skilpad.

angulated tortoise

Nice contrast of colors. Photo by Gergő Gurics.

angulate / angulated tortoise

Orange bellied hatchling. Just like the carapace color varies, so does the plastron color.

angulated tortoise

Angulate tortoise in South Africa. Photo by Ruvan Boshoff.

chersina angulata

Older looking brown colored Angulate tortoise. Cape Point National Park, South Africa. Photo by Valerie Crafter.

chersina angulata

Mama and baby. Photo by Focal Plane Inc.

chersina angulata

Addo Elephant park, South Africa, 2011. Photo by Tyrone Ping (cc by-nd 2.0).

bowsprit tortoise

A yellow brown Angulate. West Coast National Park, South Africa. Photo by WideEyedWanderer.

two angulate tortoises meeting in south africa

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, South Africa. Photo by Abu Shawka (cc 0). Notice the difference in shell colors.

old angulate tortoise chersina angulata

Old looking Angulate tortoise. Capetown, South Africa. Photo by Abu Shawka (cc 0).


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